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Where Are the Universal Theme Parks Located?

If you love entertainment, you like to go on exciting rides, or both – then the Universal Studios theme parks are for you.

Unfortunately, unlike Six Flags theme parks, and even Disney theme parks, there are only three locations for Universal Studios. They are well worth the trip to see, however, as they present you with a theme park experience like none other. So, if you are as excited about seeing the world of films in a whole new light, then the Universal theme parks may be just up your alley."Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon™: Face Jimmy Fallon and all your favorite characters from NBC's "The Tonight Show" in an all-new ride. Board the unique "flying theater" and you'll speed through the streets, soar over skyscrapers, even dive underwater as you zoom around New York City in a fun-filled race to the finish line."

The two most well known Universal theme parks are located right in the United States. There is one in Hollywood, California, and another in Orlando, Florida.

Both are entertaining fun parks to visit, although the Florida version has many more rides than the California park.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit™ Choose a song to rock out to on your ride and hold on tight: This towering coaster kicks off with a 90-degree angle ascent and tears through the track at up to 65

On the other hand, though, Hollywood Universal Studios features a massive backlot where real movies are indeed made daily, so in addition to visiting the theme park, you can even see a movie being filmed if you know the right people.

However, if rides and roller coasters are more your things, then the Universal park in Orlando is the theme-park-city you need to go to, as there are thrill rides galore there.

The third and lesser-known park is located in Japan. They have all of the same features like the park in Hollywood but in a uniquely different location.

Also, various filming locations such as Hollywood, New York, and San Francisco have all been reproduced in the theme park, making Universal Studios Japan almost as exciting as visiting several cities at once.

No matter which of the three Universal theme parks you visit, you will be guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

Furthermore, if you love to be scared out of your mind, be sure to visit a Universal park during the Halloween season, as they have historically done an amazing job of transforming the park into an entirely frightful experience.

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If you love entertainment, or exciting rides, or both – then it is for you.

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