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Is it a bad idea to visit Walt Disney World On A Hot Summer Day after the COVID-19 pandemic?

No, not really! Here are the six useful tips when you visit Walt Disney in the Sun Shine State of Florida during summer, of course, after the COVID-19! Stay safe, folks!

Hope, the COVID-19 is completely eradicated soon, and people have their freedom again to visit Disney World.

Yahoo News:"Disney Parks in the United States, Disney World and Disneyland, are Still Closed Indefinitely and Have No Set Reopening Date."

Is Orlando a hot and humid part of the earth in summer? Yes, indeed!

The temperature 71° - 91°F, high humidity, and the crowded humans are the great combo of Florida during Summer.

Warmer temperatures and higher humidity could help to slow spread of the

The journal, published in Social Science Research Network, by Qasim Bukhari and Yusuf Jameel, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is still under review, the COVID-19 didn't spread more in the warmer and high humidity places.

Though we assume the humidity and temperature can slow down the spread, we need to be very cautious to take all necessary precautions.

If you plan to head up to Walt Disney World during this period, it is wise to plan it well ahead to make all these negatives to make positives.

You will have more fun if you know the things to shun!

Here are our seven useful tips for you!

Know about Disneyland before you go:

The fascinating feature of Disney is its theme parks, although Disneyland itself is beautiful and lovely. The Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom Park, Epcot, and Disney-MGM Studios are the theme parks you can enjoy.

Besides, there are two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. As is that wasn't enough, and you want some extra amusement, you can explore the Wide World of Sports, Downtown Disney, luxury spas, and the Boardwalk and three championship golf courses-Magnolia, Palm, Lake Buena Vista as well and so much more.

Don't stay away from Disney:

You have multiple options to stay at an on-property Disney hotel so that you can select according to your needs. It is convenient for you to commute to the parks in air-conditioned comfort using Disney bus, monorail, or water transportation. It is a better option than riding your car that will elevate the temperature very high in the hot sun for hours together.

Consider staying at Disney property:

The primary incentive for staying on a Disney property is that you can furthermore enjoy the Extra Hours as on some special days, so the Disney Resort guests will be allowed to a Walt Disney World an hour early, which exclusively for them to enjoy. You can make use of these hours to swim, water skiing, surfing, or just a peaceful nap. Who won't enjoy these for hot sunny days?

Go early and enjoy more:

The water parks get crowded pretty fast on a hot day, so arrive early will avoid plenty of queuing in the hot sun, if you come after 11 am, it is hard for you. You cool down by visiting the water parks if you have a Park-Hopper Pass. And you can enjoy slides or raft rides in both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Your children love it!

Dress light and Drink right:

There is no need to say, dress light and wear sandals though the theme park guide books advise you to proper shoes and socks. You all need to drink plenty of water, which is the lifesaver. Luckily, each Disney theme park has the First Aid Station if someone gets dehydrated, and needs help.

Get toys for your girls and boys:

It's fun to buy some water toys for children the Mickey version of water-mister fans in the park, splash and spray ball, water guns, and get some additional batteries.

Rest is the best:

Of course now and then when it is becoming sweltering, get a break and take rest in a restaurant and relax in air-conditioning. Happy touring!

Tha Math01 April 2020

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Is it a bad idea to visit Walt Disney?

Is Orlando a hot and humid part of the earth in summer? Temp 71° - 91°F, high humidity, and the crowd

Tha Math 01 April 2020
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